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Homebased Fellowship

Most believers desire empowering fellowship, yet many struggle to find it. Whatever reason, here’s an option that makes it easier to partake in a fruitful way and have fellowship without even leaving the home. Whether located in the bush or surrounded by non-believers, you can join as long as you have internet access. Designed to connect people across the globe for a common quest: a greater measure of God’s presence.


Life's hectic and it's easy to forget to use the powerful tool of prayer


At the moment we are doing our prayer gatherings through skype but when needed we will switch to the radio. Sign up and we'll keep you updated on how and when we gather.



Follow Free Legions facebook page and click "See First" under following and you'll always get a notification before the next prayer gathering and other events.

Yeshua Hamashiach Jesus Christ - Gathered in Prayer with Free Legions


Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests

Explore the mysteries of God
Global Prayer Initiative by Free Legions - come join the spiritual army of God

Create a Digital Prayer

Help us cover the earth with prayers and take territory for Christ. Create a prayer for your city, state or nation and send it to us so that we can share it for online multiplication. Digital prayers are like invitations for others to join in and agree in a fun and interesting way.

Online prayer wall and prayer gathering - pray requests on live radio with Free Legions Radio for followers of Yeshua Jesus Christ

Have A Prayer Request?

We have a separate page for prayers where you can pray for someone else or send in your personal prayer request. Surely so many others have the same, but prayer cannot be promoted enough right? It’s free, simple and harmless so make sure to check out our prayer page.

Prayer Walk - an exciting project and act of faith documented by Free Legions Radio

Interested In Prayer Walk?

A courageous woman has set out to walk all around the borders of Norway to pray for the land. Follow the journey step by step as God leads through our weekly radio report Prayer Walk.

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