Prayer Walk - a real extreme-faith, extreme-sport project with a corageous woman walking around the borders of Norway by foot to pray for the land - documented by Free Legions Radio

What Is Prayer Walk?

A courageous woman has set out to walk all around the wild borders of Norway, to pray for the land and ask for God’s fire to be reignited over the nation.

It is both an extreme-faith and extreme-sport endeavour as the Norwegian nature, and weather, can be very challenging. The whole journey will probably take years and we invite you to follow her as we report on the real events, tears, challenges, joys and blessings along the way.

A Quest To Bless The Land

The Prayer Walk is not just one person’s adventure, but an invitation to all people of God to rise up and join the effort. It takes many dedicated souls to change a nation and when we gather for Him all things are possible.

Janne-Kristin will pray and do prophetic acts as God leads and local believers and ministries are invited to join her wherever she goes. We encourage initiatives and suggestions and welcome you the interaction on facebook. Join the effort and get engaged!

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Stunning Norwegian nature with fjords and mountains will be the scenes of the Prayer Walk - Free Legions Radio for followers of Yeshua Jesus Christ

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Dedicated Facebook page for The Prayer Walk in Norwegian


Ways to follow, join & enjoy

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Join The Prayer Walk

Yes, that’s right! You can join the project and there are many ways to get engaged without having any athletic skills. You don’t even have to be Norwegian or focus on our nation at all.

Prayer Walk - an exciting project and act of faith documented by Free Legions Radio

Follow The Prayer Walk

Every Sunday we will report on the latest movements here on the radio in both English and Norwegian. There will be interviews, messages from Janne-Kristin and more.

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Support The Prayer Walk

Invest in the project by giving a donation and spread the news to inspire others to rise up and make a difference as well.


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