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Below you get access to the dedicated sections of our Radio Archives, with recorded shows sorted by programs. To see all recorded shows sorted by date click here Radio Archives.

Spirit Talk by Free Legions for Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach - come join the spiritual army of God

Spirit Talk

Discussing spiritual issues that are relevant in our everyday lives.

Learn Norwegian in a humorous way with Free Legions online radio


Stir up the inner viking and learn some Norwegian!

Prayer Walk - an exciting project and act of faith documented by Free Legions Radio

Prayer Walk

Join the prophetic adventure around the borders of Norway.

Bønnevandring - Guds ild over Norge


Prayer Walk in Norwegian. A show in Norwegian, for Norwegians.

Dream Interpretation with Free Legions online radio - send in your dream!


Interpreting dreams based on old Hebrew methods.

Confessions from a real path with a real God in an unreal world - Free Legions radio dedicated to the path of Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ


Stories from a real path, with a real God, in an unreal world.

Testimonies of personal encounters with God and the eternal with Free Legions Radio - a creative platform for followers of Christ


Personal encounters with God, near death experiences and more.

Kingdom Talk a talk show with both generals and foot soldiers in the spiritual army of God - Free Legions a creative platform for the followers of Yeshu, Jesus Christ - come join the spiritual army of God

Kingdom Talk

Interviews with both foot-soldier and generals in God’s army.


Audible Peace

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