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New Book: Prophetic End Time Dreams & Vision by Emanuelle Eden

G E T   R E A D Y !

Prophetic End Time Dreams & Visions is a book based on 28 thought-provoking dreams and visions related to the end times. Addressing topics like health, science, religion, the spiritual path, anti-Christ, politics, conspiracy, war and the coming of Christ, it reveals new insight and confirms old. Most of all though, the book testifies of the presence of our heavenly Father and His desire to commune with all of His beloved children.


Explore the mysteries of God
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Prophetic End Time Dreams & Visions

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The book is not written for entertainment purposes, but rather to engage and as a call to action. Therefore there will be Q & A sessions, purpose driven gatherings and more to helpyou become more effective in making a difference for good.


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Explore the mysteries of God


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